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The impacts of Disulfiram can be really felt a few weeks after you quit the treatment.

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Antabuse (disulfiram) could be prescribed if you have persistent alcohol dependency, and would certainly such as to get rid of that reliance.

Mild adverse effects of Antabuse like impotence, mild headaches, wound tongue, metallic preference in the mouth, light drowsiness, skin exhaustion, acne or breakout are generally transient, while such side effects as serious looseness of the bowels, allergy, vomiting, dark urine, dizziness, severe tiredness, seizures or loss of sychronisation have to constantly be mentioned.

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Antabuse is a highly reliable treatment that aids patients with chronic alcohol dependency be in better command over their drinking practices.

See to it you tell your healthcare supplier if you have any kind of clinical problems that could influence the excellence of your treatment, such as diabetes, thyroid gland condition, psychological conditions, renal system disease, liver disease, seizure disorder, or mental retardation.

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You should start taking Disulfiram when it's been at least 12 hrs from the time you had your last beverage of alcohol.

Avoid combining Disulfiram with tricyclic antidepressants, phenytoin, benzodiazepines, lithium, metronidazole, theophylline, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, warfarin or isoniazid unless accepted by the doctor.


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Do not give Antabuse to various other people, particularly if they are not familiar with the results it could have and are likely to drink some liquor due to that lack of knowledge.

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You will certainly additionally need to be conscious some products you could be using have specific quantities of alcoholic beverages -such as mouthwashes and a few other items.

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Seek emergency medical support if you have taken way too much of Disulfiram and encounter signs such as nausea, puking, lightheadedness, feeling numb, seizures, tingling, and loss of sychronisation.

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This is a severe illness that might not be possible to treat by treatment alone, as a result of the urge of the client to have a drink and absence of effects hereafter happens.

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